GL09 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Watch Wristwatch Waterproof IP67 For IOS And Android

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GL09 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Watch Wristwatch Waterproof IP67 For IOS And Android

This is a round screen Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Watch which is perfect compatible with bluetooth 4.0. It is support for IOS 7.0 and above,Android 4.3 and above. This Watch has many functions,such as:Heart Rate Monitor,Pedometer,Sleeping monitor,Remote camera,Infrared remote control and so on. if you want to know more functions,please check the following page carefully,It will surprise you!

Type: Romate Control +Heart Rate Smart Watch
Bluetooth Version: BLE4.0
Support for: Android 4.3+,IOS 7.0+
Waterproof: IP67
Watch band: Genuine Leather
Dimensions: 40*52*10.3mm
Screen: LCD Panel
Screen Size: 1.22 Round IPS LCD
Screen Resolution: 240*204
Color: Gold,Sliver,Black
Shell material: Steel+ABS+PC
Battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery capacity: 3.7V/250mAh
Language: Arabia,Finland,France,Germany,Indonesia,Italy,Portugal,Russia,Spain,Sweden,Thai,Turkey,Vietnam,Korean,English,Polish,Romanian,Hebrew
Note: This product is life waterproof,you can wear it when wash hands,but do not take it to swimming,take shower or put in the water for too long.

Wrok with IOS & Android phones(bluetooth BT4.0)
Bluetooth sync and settings
Call and answer phone
Heart Rate Monitor
Sleeping monitor
Remote camera
Infrared remote control
Anti lost
Phone book
bluetooth music
Sedentary reminder
Remote Controller
If you want to know more functions,please check the Instruction,thank you!

The use of the Key:
Right side of the key:
Press to switch, short press to return to the standby screen.
TP gestures: left to right for the return slip, slide from right to left for confirmation.
TP: Tap the screen to confirm(in the ringing vibration, sleep monitoring, the remote notification interface for the next turn key).

Instruction download link:
Note: If you want to download the APP, you can scan two-dimension code in the bottom of the page or open the Instruction download link.
Package includes:
1 x Bluetooth Smart Watch
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual

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( 3 customer reviews )
bacanaBy::Raphael H D Marques2017-04-12 09:50:53
cumpre o que promete, achei o sensor de movimento que liga a tela lento e o visor pequeno!!
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love it!By::robtherobot2016-06-19 17:25:43
I got this watch despite the other review. I prefer a lighter weight watch and love the functionality it offers. I looked at a lot of different smart watches before getting this one and what sold me on it was it's compatibility with different types of phones. I love that I can get notifications from my phone (an iPhone) on my watch. when I purchased this watch it was one of the only ones available that could control an iPhone camera and though I can't text from my watch I can read texts on my watch and receive other notifications. the quality of sound on phone calls is not ideal but I prefer to use my handset for calls anyway. I guess it just depends on what you think is important in a smart watch. for me- I wanted one that looked like a normal watch could control a camera give notifications and was not insanely expensive (yes I was seriously considering an apple watch but this one won out due to price - and I am glad it did!).
Was this review helpful to you? Yes( 0 ) or No( 0 )
First Impressions, a Bit DisappointedBy::karlockhart2016-01-15 20:21:52
I just received this watch today and have played around with it a bit. I got this because it looked good and I liked the clean face, I really just want something to see my notifications and control my music on my wrist. The pedometer and heart rate functions are also important, but maybe secondary. So far, I am a bit underwhelmed. The watch does look pretty sharp when the screen is on but feels a lot lighter than I was expecting, the screen looks okay, but has a plastic face which doesn't really have the best tactile feel. In English mode, you also get the date plastered over the elegant face that is displayed in the images on here, which spoils it a bit. The app was easy to install but for some reason, will not allow me to turn off media audio to the watch without going to 'unbound' state, very big deal if you use bluetooth headphones like I do. Also the pedometer and heart rate functions appear to need to be started and stopped, I haven't yet experimented with leaving them on continuously. It appears the pedometer can be left on but the heart rate function turns off when you back out of the screen. In summary, I was expecting a cheapish but elegant watch, I am a bit disappointed, not sure how much I will actually wear this. I think if I had bought this in a U.S. brick and mortar I'd be returning it. I think my first BangGood dud.
Banggood Reply:

Dear customer,thanks for your detailed review,for the screen light,i think it can be adjusted,you can find it out from the screen.but for the other problems like pedometer and heart rate functions ,sorry that we need to see some videos about it.send it to \"\"with order number and shipping label.and we will check it and give you satisfactory answer.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes( 2 ) or No( 0 )
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