E02 Bluetooth SmartBand Smart Wristband Fitness Sports Bracelet

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E02 Bluetooth SmartBand Smart Wristband Fitness Sports Bracelet

Dear customer,the light green color is show as above(the Color box),please carefully when you order it,thank you.

Model: E02
Strap material: TPU
Display: 0.84'' OLED, 96*16
Screen: OLED 64*32
Waterproof standard: IP57
Compatible with: Android 4.3 OS, IOS 7.0 or above, BT 4.0
BT Version: V4.0BLE
Sensor: Kiniox, 3-axis MEMS Precision Sensors
Main chip: TI CC2541, integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and MCU
Battery: 3.7V / 60mAh
Charge: DC5V / 0.5
Standby time: Normally use for one week
Color: Blue, Orange, Mint blue, Light green, Black
Functions: Step counting, calorie consumption management, sleep management, time display, Moving reminders
                    Call reminder, Information reminding,  Clock display, Alarm, Remote camera/video control

1. Time display: Sync your smart phone with LED digital time display.
2. Call reminder: When incoming calls are not answered in certain time,the smart wristband will remind you by vibration.
                           For android OS, display the in-call number,  For IOS,display “ INCOMING CALL”
3. Message reminder: When new message arrived, the smart wristband will remind you by vibration, in that case you won't miss any timely message. (for android)
4. Camera/ video remote
5. Find phone/ Anti-lost/ Lost warning, out of range alarm (for android)
6. Clock alarm: setting clock
4. Tracks steps: Record and track steps accurately.
5. Distance measurement: Measure your daily walking distrance precisely.
6. Calorie consumption management: Caculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burn-up calorie.
7. Sleep quality monitor: Monitoring your sleep cycle automatically, record the quality of sleep.
8. Move reminder: remind you moving every 30 minutes
9. Fitness task setting/ alert: can create at most 3 tasks, will remind you by vibration or display.
10. Fitness information sharing (Yooutube, Sina Weibo)
11. Synchronous data to mobile applications

Package includes:
1 x E02 Smart Wristband
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Case

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( 12 customer reviews )
Super SacheBy::Frostysamurai2017-05-11 02:42:33
Lieferung TOP schnelle Lieferung.
Was this review helpful to you? Yes( 0 ) or No( 0 )
Great for the priceBy::slushmugg2017-05-03 21:15:56
Little tricky if you don't have a qr code scanner for android or an iPhone for the bluetooth Instructions left much to be desired. Good price for the product. A relative bought the real deal for about 5 times the price. Exact same product. Thanks Banggood!
Was this review helpful to you? Yes( 0 ) or No( 0 )
Overall quite goodBy::angi2017-04-12 03:07:57
I love the color. It is exactly as displayed. The rubber material feels quite nice. I initially thought that the watch didn´t work, because i couldn´t turn it on. But then I found out that I first need to charge it via USB. Now it works perfectly. The only thing I don´t like is that it is for rather big wrists, so I can´t make it tight enough - otherwise the removable watch part comes out. For bigger persons this shouldn´t be an issue though....
Was this review helpful to you? Yes( 0 ) or No( 0 )
Спасибо, banggood.com за оперативную доставку часов! ЧАСЫ ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНЫЕ!By:: 2016-08-31 03:00:40
Давно хотела себе часы, которые высчитывают, сколько калорий я потратила за день/во время моей тренировки или сколько км я прошла.Умные часы E02 просто настоящая находка для меня. Очень удобные в использовании, никаких проблем с функционалом не возникло, это несмотря на то, что я в технике полный ноль))) Очень порадовал антиаллергенный ремешок, обычно у меня после ношения любых часов или браслетов не из драгметалов появляется раздражения на запястье (кожа видимо очень чувствительная), но после ношения этих часов такой проблемы вообще не возникло! Вообщем часы полностью оправдали мои ожидания. За довольно невысокую их стоимость, как по мне, качество ни на каплю не уступает дорогим фитнес браслетам дорогущих брендов. Так что те, кто не хочет переплачивать в 5 раз за имя и бренд ,советую присмотреться к этим часикам!
Was this review helpful to you? Yes( 0 ) or No( 0 )
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